its all psychological

We as people dictate the turn outs of our deeds ,We channel the path of our acts and eventually we reap what we sow You run a race without  a proper preparation and expect to get a gold medal At the end of the race that’s absurd we fail because we want to ,Failure is a  individual choice , I believe that we all unconsciously have the Intellectual  potential some where deep in our minds  whether in the conscious or Unconscious part of our mind waiting for us to unleash if only we stop looking down On our self and telling our self that we are deficient ,substandard and inadequate It all starts in the mind  or some may say with you as a person either way it doesn’t really Matter that much because if one acts the other has to respond if the mind believes the body will have to follow that’s how it is………..the phenomenon that the mind can achieve is enormous only if we look within us and realise that we were created to manifest the glory of God